Golf Hole Cutter

This tool makes a perfect 4.25 inch hole for golf courses and can be used to reposition the hole on the green, taking the

21 May
Happy Cow

Happy Cow

This is a rotating brush used for cleaning and caring of cows. The cow start the machine themselves by a slight lift of the brush.

12 May
Section Liner

Section Liner

This device is used for drawing equal spaced parallel lines, such as those found in drawings created by draughtsmen to

07 May
Nut Wizard

Picker Upper

The Nut Wizard is a tool designed to make gathering things off the floor efficient and easy as well as saving your back in

01 May
Paving Machine

Paving Machine

This brick laying machine can lay various interlocking patterns upto 6 metres wide. Workers feed the bricks into the machine

28 Apr
Concrete Pattern

Concrete Patterns

Ever wondered how to make a pattern in concrete, well, just use a template and embed it when the concrete is still wet. Simple.

23 Apr